About Us

Lighting Specialist Malaysia is a lighting specialist company headquartered in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. From our humble beginnings in year 2014 to the global brand we have become today, our focus has always been strengthening and growing relationships both the ones we foster with our customers and the ones our customers share with friends and family in the glow of our lights. Our partner includes WETRONIC, OSRAM, PHILIPS, FLOSLITE, WELiGHT LINEAR MOLDING, etc.
Our commitment:
Your project success-simple as that. How do we accomplish this? Through superior attention to detail-from the rigorous testing of our products to the final fixture you see in the showroom. Everything we do, every single day, is to better service you. This includes constantly innovating, creating on-trend designs, and delivering a high-quality product on the market.
Our Products:
- High-quality products are a result of high-quality testing. We have the world branding like OSRAM, PHILIPS, & FLOSLITE in Europe which ensuring verified specifications and safety for each fixture we deliver. With geographically dispersed distribution centres, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get what you need when you need it.
- In-house production assembly line & R&D team available, to assist you to doing any type of customization lighting & your own signature products.
Our Services:
- Professional contractors, designers, architects, builders, and showroom owners, no matter your area of expertise, Lighting Specialist Malaysia is your partner when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful business.
- We will provide free education about lighting knowledge & tips.
- We provide free light simulation design service to designers, architects, and contractors.
- We provide on-site advice services & R&D services to all our partners. Join us now!!